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Do you want great quality craft products at a discounted price?

You have the opportunity to purchase the Stampin' Up! Starter Kit at only $169 and best of all you can order $235 worth of ANYTHING you would like!!

There is so much support is available via our demonstrator website, monthly newsletter 'Impressions',  facebook team group, plus I'm here to help with questions along the way.

Get your products at a discount (minimum 20% off. ) Build your craft stash. This benefit alone is a great reason to join. Plus your first order over $300 you get 30% off!

Does this sound like something for you? Have you been looking for an opportunity to build a fun, home based, family friendly craft business?

I'd love to welcome you to my team. I am happy to help you get started towards your goals - whether that is to build up your craft supplies, get to know other craft lovers or to build a craft business.

Please email me at

There is also information on my Stampin' Up! Website - Join my team 
Sign up is very quick and easy just click on the join now button below to find out more information.


What if I don’t want the kit, can I still order Stampin’ Up! products from you?
Absolutely, but you are crazy not to join!! Most of the girls that have joined my team did not join to start a business they are just doing it to get the products cheaper and support their hobby. (or addiction) lol. But you could even build any sized business doing something you love if you like!

Do I require an ABN to join it asks me for one on the form?
In the past this was the case – but no longer – you can just join for a hobby! No ABN is required. Even though it is on the form you will notice it doesn’t have a red asterisk next to it so is not required to be filled out.

If I join and don't reach the quarterly sales target ($400 per quarter), what happens? Do I just stop becoming a demonstrator and lose my benefits?
That is correct – there is no fee, nothing happens, you just finish. They do give you an opportunity to try and make up what you missed the last three months so you are still active in the fourth month and go into pending. You need to make up what you missed to continue. But there are no fees, lock in contracts etc. It works out with the discount to around $100 per month in sales.

After becoming a demonstrator, there is a one off 30% discount on my first order?
A: there is a 30% discount on your first order as long as it is over $300 and within the first 45 days of signing up.

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